Solar battery rebate qld

Jan 15, 2024

Are you considering installing a solar battery in Queensland? You might be eligible for a solar battery rebate offered by the Queensland government. This incentive aims to encourage more homeowners to invest in solar battery storage systems, reducing their reliance on the grid and promoting sustainable energy practices.

What is the Solar Battery Rebate?

The Solar Battery Rebate will be a financial incentive provided by the Queensland government to support households in adopting solar battery technology. Eligible homeowners can receive a substantial rebate to offset the cost of purchasing and installing a solar battery system, making it more affordable to transition to renewable energy.

Eligibility Criteria

Thanks to some legislation, we know some details around the qualification criteria for the solar battery rebate, homeowners should meet certain criteria, including:

  • Being a Queensland resident
  • Having an existing solar PV system or installing a new one simultaneously
  • Using a Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved battery system
  • Engaging a licensed electrician to install the system

How to Apply

To apply for the rebate, homeowners need to follow a specific application process outlined by the Queensland government. We are monitoring this so reach out and we will get you as ready as we can. We have been building a checklist of relevant documentation requiremnets to ensure systems complies with the program's requirements. 

Benefits of Solar Batteries

Investing in a solar battery system offers several benefits, including:

  • Energy Independence: Store excess solar energy for use during peak times or at night
  • Reduced Electricity Bills: Minimize reliance on the grid and lower energy costs (we are targetting up to 70% off the energy cost)
  • Environmental Impact: Reduce carbon footprint by utilizing clean, renewable energy

Choosing the Right System

In choosing a solar battery system, prioritize a product that aligns with your energy needs, ensuring quality and reliability. Our experience with multiple systems, measured against real-world metrics and Queensland grid conditions, informs our approach. We've developed a comprehensive checklist in collaboration with electrical engineers and safety experts. This checklist surpasses Australian standards, incorporating relevant EU standards, to give you a safe, high-performance installations from day one. We can help guide your solar energy installers to provide the ideal battery system tailored to your home and usage requirements.

solar battery system

Example ROI

As depicted, all scenarios eventually become profitable within the 10-year period, with higher initial monthly bills reaching profitability sooner due to greater savings.
Projected battery profit over 10 years
ROI for example $10k Battery
Monthly BillMonthly Savings from Battery (50%) Years to Pay Off Before RebateYears to Pay Off After $3k Rebate 

The graph above illustrates the projected battery profit over 10 years with a 20% degradation rate. It shows the cumulative profit for each monthly bill scenario after taking into account the $3,000 rebate. 

Local Control

The current landscape of qualified home batteries presents a notable inclination towards Chinese and other foreign-controlled suppliers. This market dominance by overseas manufacturers raises concerns about the security and resilience of our energy infrastructure. In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated, the nationality of hardware providers can be a vector for vulnerability. However, this risk can be substantially mitigated if the control software—the brains of the battery system—remains firmly in Australian hands. By maintaining local ownership and operation of the software that manages these batteries, we ensure that the critical decision-making processes are insulated from potential foreign interference, thereby safeguarding our grid.

Control software developed within Australia not only serves as a bulwark against cyber risks but also underpins the sovereignty and independence of our energy systems. It is this software that enables batteries to respond to real-time grid demands, to store energy when it is cheapest, and to supply it when it is most needed, all while optimizing for the longevity and efficiency of the battery. Ensuring that this control software is kept onshore means that sensitive data about energy usage and supply remains protected under Australian jurisdiction. It allows for swift, locally informed responses to any threats, and upholds the integrity of our energy infrastructure. Moreover, by leveraging Australian expertise in software development, we can foster innovation in energy management, potentially leading to better performance and a competitive edge in the global market.


The solar battery rebate in Queensland presents an excellent opportunity for homeowners to embrace sustainable energy solutions while enjoying financial incentives. By taking advantage of this rebate, you can contribute to a greener future while reaping the benefits of solar energy storage. Make sure to stay informed about the eligibility criteria and application process to make the most of this opportunity.