Why We Use Zero Trust Logins

Jun 13, 2024By Ian Connor
Ian Connor

Why We Use Cloudflare Zero Trust Logins for Accessing the Powston Dashboard

At Powston, security is our top priority. When it comes to accessing our dashboard, we rely on Cloudflare Zero Trust logins.


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Here’s why.

Enhanced Security

Cloudflare Zero Trust ensures that only authorized users can access our dashboard. It verifies each login attempt, adding an extra layer of security.

security login

By using MFA, we ensure a higher level of security for our dashboard.

Easy Management

Cloudflare allows us to manage user access easily. We can grant or revoke access quickly, ensuring that only the right people have entry at any given time.

user management

Real-time monitoring is vital for identifying potential threats. By keeping an eye on login attempts, we can take swift action to prevent unauthorized access. This proactive approach helps us maintain the integrity of our dashboard.

real-time monitoring


Using Cloudflare Zero Trust logins helps us maintain the security and integrity of the Powston dashboard. It provides us with the tools to manage access effectively and keep our data secure.

By prioritizing security, we can ensure that our users have a safe and reliable experience. Cloudflare Zero Trust is a key component of our security strategy, helping us protect our valuable data and maintain trust with our users.